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What is the role of Arab-British Chamber of Commerce?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce is a not-for profit membership organization established in 1975.

ABCC promotes bilateral trade and investment between Great Britain and the Arab countries. In order to achieve this ABCC works closely with government ministries, official trade and investment bodies, Arab diplomatic missions in London, the British Chambers of Commerce, the League of Arab States, leading Arab businesses and Chambers of Commerce in the Arab world.

ABCC services include certification and legalization of trade documents, customized research and advice, visas, seminars, workshops, conferences, networking opportunities, Arabic-English translations, Arabic language and cultural training, venue hire facilities.

Membership is open to all companies, associations and individuals who are involved in, or have an interest in, Arab-British commercial relations.

The main objectives are:

  • To promote the benefits of corporate membership;

  • To improve Export Documentation Service;

  • To deliver efficient and accurate translation of technical and business documents;

  • To deliver a business visa services on a rush basis;

  • To draw the attention of businesses to a new and emerging opportunities;

  • To host conferences, forums, seminars and business round-tables;

  • To facilitate trade missions and networking

Arab- British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) Trade Services

The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce offers services to companies to facilitate their business activities. The services range from documentation for exporters, to ease their access to markets, customized research, business briefings, networking opportunities to translation and visa services.

The Chamber's Export Documentation service is an important asset to Arab-British trade, assisting exporters entering the markets in the Arab world, encompassing all the certification and legalization needs.

When exporting it is crucial to present the correct documentation since errors can be quite expensive, leading to costly delays in clearing the goods.

The documentation service includes:

o Export Documentation Service

o Direct Member Documentation

o EUR1 (for members)

o FCO Service

o Notary Services

o Translations

o A-Cert Electronic Documentation Process

o Travel Visa Services

o Express Service for Emergency Documentation

o Market Entry Report / Research

o Other Business Services

Export Services and Documents

The ABCC uses a unique, bilingual (English/Arabic) Certificate of Origin which conforms to international regulations and is accepted by all governments. Swift processing of documentation is ensured by the Chamber's nationwide network consisting of Agent Chambers who verify documents prior to submission to the ABCC for certification. The Chamber's close links with the Arab Embassies in London also facilitates prompt processing of your documentation. If requested, ABCC is able to facilitate legalization of commercial documents by consular sections of the Arab Embassies.


Document Requirements and Legislation Fees as levied by the Embassy.

o Certificate of Origin and Invoice

o Documents to be certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and then sent by the ABCC to the relevant Embassy for legalization. After certification and legalization have been completed the exporter may pick up his documents directly from the Chamber's premises or can arrange to have them sent from ABCC by post or courier directly to the shipper’s offices.

The Packing List must contain invoice numbers, marks and numbers and gross weight for all items on the list.

The List must contain the following information for each item included in it:

o Item description

o The statistical symbol of the item

o Number of packages for each item

o Kind of packaging unit for each item

o Net weight of each item

o Value of each item

The following points must be carefully observed when completing the Packing List:

If the packing of any item contains two different kinds of packing, it must be written as two separate lines (one line of If any kind of packing contains more than one item, a separate line must be allocated for the information concerning each item).

The description of each item must contain sufficient illustration as to its kind and nature

If all the information required on the packing list is included in the invoice, then the packing list is not required.

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