Family Law in Kuwait

No divorce is exactly the same and each case comes with its own challenges. 

We won’t offer complex legal jargon: we’re here to offer advice in a most direct manner.

We understand that no one plans to go through a divorce and that it is a very stressful process. We’ll work with you to develop an approach that best suits your family needs.


If you are experiencing a complicated family law issue, please contact our offices. We offer a KD 70 office consultation for a  complex family law matters. During the consultation, a family lawyer will counsel you of various courses of action suited to your needs.


We understand the importance of negotiating an amicable resolution for all concerned. We can assist You to negotiate a separation or settlement agreement and to obtain an uncontested divorce in an efficient manner.

We recognize and respect your privacy and committed to protecting it. Our main objective is to help you resolve your matter so you could move forward with your life.

When separating, families try to prepare a separation agreement covering the following:

  • Children, including custody and child support;

  • Division of property;

  • Spousal support

  • Any other points that the separating spouses consider necessary


The separation agreement is a binding contract to help you to clear out how you should be dealing with each other.

When the divorce is contested and the parties were not able to reach the agreement, then all aspects of the separation will be decided in the court of Kuwait.

For additional information on divorce in Kuwait, family issues, mediation, and legal family separation in Kuwait, please feel free to contact us.