Breach of Contract and Contract Disputes in Kuwait

As a business owner, you will be facing a number of legal issues on a regular basis; from the initial set-up of your business to the items like sales and employee contracts.  Having the right legal team can save you time and risk. 


Our firm can assist you with almost any legal issue, including:

  • Business Advice – We offer advice on all of your organization’s needs;

  • Kuwait Business Acquisitions & Sales – Whether you are selling your existing business in Kuwait or purchasing a new one, we are able to guide you through the entire process;

  • Kuwait Business Organization & Registration – From the initial set-up of your business, we will assist you with aspects of your company’s organization.  We routinely handle things like shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and other corporate matters;

  • Contracts – We can assist to negotiate and prepare commercial documents like franchise agreements, employment contracts, sales contracts


Located in downtown Kuwait, we have extensive experience in the litigation and arbitration of contractual issues.  Our lawyers have been engaged in matters as simple as a contract between two individuals and as large as commercial contractual relations and disputes between multinational corporations.

A contract is a foundation of any “healthy” business relationship. The contractual obligation might be in the written agreement or might, sometimes, be implied from other terms of the agreement.  When a breach occurs, the court in Kuwait can order a breaching party to fulfill their obligations, make payments or combination of the two. Whether you are currently in dispute with an individual or company, the lawyers at Arsan are ready to take on your cause.


Our lawyers attempt to resolve issue in a manner that will allow to preserve and maintain a business relationship, if possible. How? We offer clients alternative dispute resolution prior to litigation. This can be helpful in situations where a dispute involves a party with whom it would not be desirable to terminate the working relationship.

We believe, often good communication and negotiation can address many issues and resolve the matter in question within days. When all the means of alternative dispute resolution are exhausted, litigation is another option.



We represent clients in the following areas of business litigation:



Contractual conflicts include:



The lawyers at Arsan have an extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes including commercial contracts, insurance contracts, employment contracts, partnership and joint venture agreements, real estate agreements, non-solicitation or non-competition agreements, independent and dependent contractor agreements, supplier contracts, and service agreements.


We are able also to assist with the creation and formation of a contract, reviewing and drafting of a legal contract.

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