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Drafting Contracts in Kuwait

The ultimate goal of contract drafting is to create a legally binding document in writing which is clear, concise, and enforceable. A contract is drafted to benefit both parties to clearly define the responsibilities to prevent any issues in the future. A poorly or vaguely worded contract can cause legal disputes.  

We support the following types of agreements and contracts:


  • Lease Agreements

  • Real Estate Development Agreements

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Employment Agreements

  • Sale and service contracts

  • Commercial supply agreements

  • Shareholder and operating agreements

  • Distibutorship Agreements


In addition, regardless of the type of contract, all contracts must contain the following elements:


  • An offer;

  • The acceptance of that offer;

  • Consideration (usually money).

It needs to be decided whether a party is interested in including a confidentiality clause, which is quite useful if the contract involves any confidential information.

The lawyer’s role in the process of preparing any legal document starts with listening to the clients in order to understand the business and prepare the outline, the specifics of proposed transaction, and provide an outside perspective on the terms of the deal.

Always remember that a good contract is concise and consistent, defines important terms and the details of the parties, as well as plans for litigation.


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