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Start Your Company in Kuwait

Kuwait Business Licensing and other formalities

We are often being asked on what is the best way to proceed with the business registration?

Our extensive experience shows that scheduling the initial zoom consultation in order to understand your needs and explain the entire process of the engagement is the most suitable way to proceed.


The most widespread entity registration is Kuwait is LLC, also known as WLL. Each shareholder’s liability is restricted to their specific shares in the firm, and there can be a minimum of two and a maximum of 49 shareholders. Minimum capital requirement is 1,000 KWD.


Certain types of businesses in Kuwait quite often require local sponsorship or local agency. For LLCs or branch offices, for example, a Kuwait sponsor or agent is usually required.

While enterprises are generally not permitted to have 100% foreign ownership, there are exceptions and exemptions in certain fields.


Arsan can assist you with the company registration, supporting and setup services.  Our services include:

  • Legal consultations on business certificates

  • Drafting of the agreements

  • Necessary document preparation for applying for trade and business certifications

  • Assistance with Kuwait government approvals

  • Assistance with license issuance and company formation


We can assist with the registration of the company that require:

  • Specific licensing

  • Internet businesses

  • Joint ventures

  • General Trading Companies

  • Travel and Tourism Companies


How much does it cost to establish business structure in Kuwait?

Total cost of the company formation is directly based on your requirements, type of the company required and the additional services to successfully complete the registration and setup.  The total fees are indicated in the engagement proposal that we sign with you when you decide to proceed with the registration.

The business certificate is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry




  • Limited Liability Company Formation (WLL)

  • Branch Office

  • Commercial Agencies

  • Representative Trade Offices

  • General Partnership Company

  • Limited Share Partnership Company

  • Holding Company

  • Public Share Holding Company

  • Joint Venture


All the LLC’s registered in Kuwait must have a unique name. LLC’s are required to file audited annual

financial statements. Kuwait’s tax system allows complete exemption of taxes for GCC nationals.

Foreign nationals are required to pay corporate tax which is calculated at the end of every financial year. Corporate Tax at the rate of 15 % is applicable to companies in Kuwait. Withholding tax and capital gains tax is also levied at the rate of 15%.

All companies which are incorporated in Kuwait would have to sign lease agreement.



Steps to register the company:

  • Submit an application to the Ministry of Commerce;

  • Select the company name and submit an application to the Commercial Register;

  • Obtain three notes from the Department of Partnerships (DOP) to be submitted to the bank, the Criminal Investigation Department and the Kuwaiti municipality;

  • Deposit a capital into the bank and obtain a deposit receipt;

  • Criminal background check and the issuance of the police clearance certificates;

  • Inspection of the company address by the local municipality and issuance of the certificate;

  • Obtain a memorandum of association form;

  • Sign and have the memorandum of association duly notarized;

  • Department of Partnerships issues a license to commence the activity;

  • Registration with the Commercial Registry;

  • A sample of the signature is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce;

  • Registration with the Civil Data Department in order to obtain a civil number


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