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Legal Services in Kuwait

Our firm has years of experience successfully handling different types of claims. Our lawyers provide the highest quality of representation and we are known for our results for our clients. We get the compensation that you are entitled to. Our practice encompasses a broad range of areas, including, business and corporate law. Within our practice, we represent our clients in litigation. In addition, we draft, review, and enforce any documents relating to incorporation, transactions, contracts.  


We advise businesses, including investor groups, foreign and domestic corporations, NGO’s, small business startups, and entrepreneurs.

Our services:

•        Business formation, start-ups, and dissolution;

•        Mergers and acquisitions;

•        Partnership, joint venture and strategic alliance agreements;

•        Negotiation and preparation of deal terms, LLC 51% operating and shareholder agreements;

•        Non-Disclosure and confidentiality agreements;

•        Contract disputes;

•        Kuwait Direct Investments (KDIPA);

•        Debt collection and Recovery;

•        Arbitration;

•        Construction & Infrastructure;

•        Litigation;

•        Real Estate;

•        Commercial Lease Agreements;

•        Shareholder Disputes;

•        Buying and Selling a Business in Kuwait;

•        Business Torts

Breach of Contract Lawsuits

One of the most common business litigation causes of action is a breach of contract

Breach of contract lawsuit requires that a party establishes that a contract exists between the parties, that the complaining party performed its obligations according to the contract or has an excuse for not performing, that the other side breached the contract and that the complaining party was damaged by that breach. 


Partnership Lawsuits

The partnership litigation attorneys at Arsan, Kuwait have extensive experience handling all variations of partnership disputes. We are experienced in determining  the best outcome and figuring out a strategy to reach the best resolution for you.

Business Fraud

Fraud typically involves a misrepresentation in an effort to lure someone into doing something. A plaintiff in a fraud lawsuit must also establish that he or she was not aware of the true fact and that he or she reasonably relied on the misrepresentation. There must also be damage. The fraud lawyers at Arsan can help you evaluate your situation.

While business fraud seems clear to the defrauded party, a fraud trial is one of the most difficult cases to present in Kuwait. Let our local Kuwaiti business attorneys help you achieve your goals.


Corporate litigation

The lawyers at Arsan handle all types of corporate litigation matters.

Common causes of corporate litigation in Kuwait are a breach of contract, fraud, breach of the duty of loyalty, negligent misrepresentation, and others.

If you are seeking successful Kuwait lawyers to handle your company’s corporate dispute, our lawyers will assist you in a thorough way.


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Arsan litigation and dispute resolution team provides a comprehensive range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation services across a wide range of industries and has extensive experience in handling complex cases.

Our approach to litigation and dispute resolution is to manage and minimize risk based on a clear understanding of our client’s objectives. 


     Our Dispute Resolution and Litigation services:


  • Representing clients in Arbitration and Mediation;

  • Negotiations to avoid or minimize contested disputes;

  • Engaging and briefing counsel;

  • Conducting and managing litigation in all Court jurisdictions of Kuwait

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