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Online Legal Advice and Consultation with a Lawyer in Kuwait

Need Legal Advice In Kuwait? 

Solving your issues with the real Kuwait lawyer online is the WAY.


Connect with a Kuwait government approved attorneys and ask a lawyer for an answer from home or office whether in Kuwait or abroad.


We can help when you are trying to set up a business a Kuwait, having issues with your local partner, trying to collect debt in the Gulf Region or in the State of Kuwait, when you have a real estate dispute and need to file a lawsuit, facing litigation in Kuwait, and any other legal issue you may encounter.


Our offices provide legal consultations on:


  • Choosing the right structure of operation;

  • Business setup, registration, and dissolution;

  • ​Mergers and acquisitions;

  • ​NDA's and confidentiality agreements;

  • ​Contractual disputes (including collections and enforcement of obligations);​

  • Debt collection and recovery;

  • Arbitration;

  • Judgment enforcement;

  • Construction & infrastructure;

  • ​Intellectual property;

  • ​Mediation;

  • ​Financial crimes;​

  • ​Litigation;

  • Real estate disputes in Kuwait


Why it is crucial to consult a local lawyer in Kuwait?


We will name just a few obvious reasons:

  1. You will know the strength of your idea, drawbacks (if any) and likely outcome;

  2. You will be able to ask your detailed legal questions;

  3. You will get the guidance you need if you consider starting a business in Kuwait;

  4. You will save you money in the long run;

  5. If litigation case – the lawyer can advise whether the evidence can be challenged;

  6. Help you to understand the agreement, contract, document you are signing and the possible consequences;

  7. Discuss the legal strategies that will be used: is it possible to settle?

  8. Are the mediation or arbitration options for your case?


How to proceed?

  1. Email us on the issue you are experiencing for the lawyer to review for the relevancy;

  2. Your email will be directed to the attorney for your situation;

  3. Pay the fees online;

  4. We will set up an online appointment and,

  5. You will get a legal advice from Kuwait certified lawyers


Is the consultation confidential?

In short, yes. It is confidential – anything discussed will not be shared with anyone else. Please refer to the details of our Privacy Policy.

Please keep in mind that the consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship. In order to establish it, there should be a signed engagement representation agreement.

Please ensure to provide the lawyer with all the information you have in order to properly assess your case.

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