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Contract Disputes and Commercial Litigation in the State of Kuwait

Commercial litigation implies almost every type of dispute that may take place in a business context. This includes breach of contract, disputes between partners, business torts.

As one of Kuwait’s leading litigation practices, Arsan has extensive experience litigating, arbitrating, and resolving corporate and commercial disputes.

After a thorough examination of the facts and the legislation, we work with our clients to create the right approach. We know what to expect and how to get the results.

Our lead commercial litigator, Mohammad Al-Mutawa, has represented clients in complex, commercial litigation matters.

Our team handles the following commercial litigation cases:


  • Business Fraud

  • Consumer Protection

  • Contract Disputes

  • Franchise Disputes

  • Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Employment Disputes


When you choose a local, knowledgeable attorney in Kuwait who knows and understands the local laws and the nature of the case, you will be in the most optimal position to win the case.

For additional information on commercial litigation and contract disputes, feel free to contact our offices.

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