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Debt Collection and Debt Recovery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

We have a personalized, per-account approach and don’t lock you into a binding contract.


Start collecting on your outstanding accounts by following these simple steps:


  •  Email the details;

  •  Have a quick phone call with us to review all of the details

Provide us with supporting documentation, like statements, invoices, or other relevant documentation/correspondence with the debtor.


When you work with us, we never make any actions you do not authorize. Status reports are provided for individual accounts as development occurs.

No accounts are held in our office for more than 30 days unless payment is in full or a definite schedule for payment is agreed to satisfy the balance due. 

Our service involves a combination of calls from highly trained collection agents and lawyers & effective letters.

Working with the law firm is much more advantageous than with the collection agency. If the amount is not paid and the payment plan is not agreed upon, the same law firm as per the client's instructions and approval can take the case to the next level and file a lawsuit.

Our two-step Debt Recovery program helps you get paid – faster. 


Step 1.

In Step 1, the collection of your commercial bad debt claims will be handled by experts who know and understand the strategies to be implemented to achieve the desired collection success.

The debtors will receive a unique collection letter to encourage to fulfill their payment obligations directly to your company on a timely basis, phone calls, possibly site visit. The purpose of the phone calls is not only to confirm when payment will be made but also to reveal any issues that might prevent the timely payment. We use the right mix of carefully selected touch-points and consumer-friendly approach, while You can monitor our progress. Unpaid accounts are moved to Step 2.


Step 2.

Your accounts receive intensive legal recovery efforts. Our legal team can ensure that you receive your judgment without the hassle of appearing in courts of the United Arab Emirates. Once we have an enforceable judgment, the debt recovery can be taken to the next level.


Our legal team works specialize in asset investigation such as: freezing bank accounts, seizing property, vehicles, etc.


We provide industry-leading results in the Gulf region and take pride in extending this service to every one of our valued clients.

Our goal is to make the process of collecting your money as efficiently as possible.


You deserve to get the owed money. Send us a message now for a quick quote!

 Judgment Enforcement in Dubai, UAE

Have you obtained a judgment and experience difficulties collecting your money? We can help! We will investigate each debtor individually and develop a strategy for the most efficient action to enforce each judgment.


We are responsible, reliable, and respected by our clients.  We have an established legal network in the Gulf Region. This is quite effective since the lawyer is next to the debtor’s location or business. All the lawyers are fully licensed.


It's easy to place a claim with us online and get a quote to handle your collections.

Simply contact us here and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Request a Free Case Review

No Cost, No Obligation

Why we are the best in providing the debt collection services in Dubai, UAE?


We have assisted hundreds of clients with complete debt recovery solutions internationally.

Why choose Arsan?

  • Bi-weekly updates to discuss solutions;

  • Peace of mind for You – you can continue focusing on your daily activities knowing that the process is advanced and we are constantly monitoring;

  • Competitors quite often charge by the hour, whereas we charge for engagement and we don’t have a need to run the meter;

  • You will be updated on the agreed timelines and will be disclosed on delays (if there any) and the reasons for the delays


We believe that planning and transparent relationships between our firm and the client is the key to productive engagement.

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