Real Estate Disputes in Kuwait 

Whether buying a home or negotiating the purchase or sale of a commercial property, it is important to work with a trusted lawyer in Kuwait to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Our Kuwait real estate lawyers represent property owners, management companies, buyers, sellers, and other parties in transactions and litigation. They are experienced in all aspects of the judicial process in commercial and residential landlord-tenant matters, including hearings and trials.

We study the issue at hand from every angle to create a real solution that makes sense.


Commercial Real Estate and Leasing

When purchasing, selling, or leasing commercial property, there are multiple factors to consider, such as, for example, zoning by-laws: how a specific land may be used, lot size, the height of the building, other factors. Our commercial real estate lawyers review and draft lease documents as well.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Real Estate Law

  • Sale or Purchase of Residential Property

  • Sale or Purchase of Commercial Property

  • Interest in Land and Land Transfer

  • Buying or Selling Business

  • Landlord | Tenant

  • General Counsel

  • Debt Negotiation | Settlement

  • Financial Planning

  • Asset Management

  • Breach of the lease contract

  • Conflicts between neighboring property owners

Kuwait's landlord and tenant litigation are quite complex, and the administrative procedures, filing limitations, and other procedural requirements can be confusing without the skilled guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer in Kuwait.

Our experience helps us address Your concerns and provide representation and personalized legal care in all types of commercial disputes between landlords and tenants.

We Represent Commercial Landlords and Real Estate Management Companies in Litigation

Services include lease, statutory and contract rights enforcement, non-payment proceedings in the courts of Kuwait, breaches, or violations of the lease include the tenant illegally subletting the lease.

Arsan lawyers assist commercial landlords and real estate management companies by:

  1. Countering tenant defenses;

  2. Working toward a final money judgment settlement

For additional information on Kuwait Real Estate Disputes, Commercial Lease Agreements in Kuwait, and Landlord and Tenant issues please feel free to contact our offices.