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Debt Collection and Debt Recovery in Kuwait

Updated: Apr 27

Arsan is specializing in commercial debt collections.

We understand that past due accounts can cause business interests suffer. We figure out the real reason you have not been paid and use this information to achieve success.

The professionalism of a reputable law firm can be an advantage to you when seeking payment of your unpaid invoices over a debt collection agency. The use of a law firm’s letterhead can often bring immediate results of payment as the debtor will wish to avoid further action or identify the reasons preventing the payment.

We Understand Business in Kuwait

Kuwait is quite diverse, and our collection department has an experience reflecting this diversity which results in the highest chance of success. Let us get started on collecting your money.

Our Services include:

• Business-To-Business Collections;

• Breach of Contract Collections;

• Accounts Receivable Collections;

• Collection of Judgments

We only handle commercial collections claims. We do not collect from individuals unless it is because they incurred a business debt. However, we do have a referral system if you have a claim that falls into one of the categories that we don’t handle or is in another country.

Please contact our offices for more information.

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