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Debt Collection and Debt Recovery in Kuwait and Gulf countries

We offer debt collection and debt recovery services for businesses and commercial enterprises, and consumers in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman.

Disputes that arise between contractors and homeowners, acquisition of consumer goods, service & maintenance contracts & any other agreement quite often bring to an unpaid obligation.

By choosing a lawyer with sound knowledge of local laws and regulations, you can limit your own liability and significantly increase your chances of a successful collection. From our experience, an outstanding account may be resolved amicably through persuasive communication by one of our collectors/lawyers.


You can start collecting your outstanding debt by following these easy steps:

  • Provide us with supporting documentation, like statements, invoices, or other relevant documentation 

  • Have a quick phone call with us to review all of the details;


We never make any actions you do not authorize. Status reports are provided for individual accounts as development occurs on a bi-weekly basis, and no settlements are made with the debtor unless approved by you or your organization.

The professionalism of a reputable law firm can be an advantage to you when seeking repayment of your unpaid invoices over a debt collection agency.  The use of a law firm’s letterhead can often bring immediate results of payment as the debtor will wish to avoid further action or at the very least, identify issues preventing payment. 

We Understand Business in Kuwait

Kuwait is quite diverse, and our collection department has an experience reflecting this diversity which results in the highest chance of success.  Contact us for a free quote today!


Our Services include:

•             Business-To-Business Collections;

•             Breach of Contract;

•             Accounts Receivable Collections;

•             Collection of Judgments



Commercial Debt Collection — Business Litigation

We have a solid reputation in Kuwait’s legal community and in the Gulf Region for providing exceptional representation in commercial and professional debt collection. Collection services are provided for law firms and international debt collection agencies as well.

Many clients of our firm come to us through referrals from other law firms, international debt collectors, and lawyers.


Judgment Enforcement and Collection

Have you obtained a judgment and had difficulty collecting your money? 

We recognize that this has likely been a frustrating process for you and that an important part of our function is to provide peace of mind. 

We have enforced money judgments for:

•             Law firms and attorneys

•             Real estate companies

•             Businesses

•             Individuals


We only handle commercial collections claims. 


For additional information on debt collection in Kuwait and the Gulf Region, please contact our offices.

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