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Business and Commercial Torts in Kuwait

The wrongful behavior of an individual or business causing financial damage to another business is called a business tort. 

Our Kuwait business law attorneys can pursue tort relief for a variety of wrongful actions:

  1. Breach of fiduciary duty (a fiduciary duty implies the relationship between two parties obligating one to act solely in the interest of the other) or breach of trust. If you consider that you have been wronged by a business partner, joint venture partner in Kuwait, trustee, or another party that owes you a fiduciary duty, contact our offices.

  2. Fraud.  Our experienced attorneys help clients pursue claims against businesses that have defrauded them.

  3. Breach of contract.  Contract disputes can turn into complex litigation.  Our attorneys have the resources to handle these types of cases. 

  4. Fraud in connection with the purchase or sale of a business

  5. Deceptive trade practices


Examples of Breaches in Fiduciary Duty:

  • actions are taken which violate or are counterproductive to the interests of a specific client;

  • actions are detrimental to the interests of a specific client;

  • actions benefit not the client’s interests, but a third-party interest;

  • failure to provide crucial information to a client that may lead to misguided advice.

The damages which occurred due to the breach are essential, since without damages usually there is no basis for a breach of fiduciary duty case.

For additional information on commercial and business torts in Kuwait feel free to contact our offices.

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