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Legalization and Attestation Services in Kuwait


Procedure for attestation of Certificates

First you must attest the certificates from the country issuing the certificate/degree.


1. Notary Public stamp;

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp;

3. Kuwait Consulate/Embassy in your country.


After legalization of the certificate in your home country, the certificate needs to be translated from an authorized translation center and stamped /signed by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Stamp must be on an original certificate.

Next stage: Stamp of Ministry of Justice in Kuwait for attestation of Arabic translated Certificate.

General rules when attesting the documents at the Consulates:

Applicant has to come in person.

The Applicant must produce Passport, Civil ID or any other related document in original for verification. Additional documents may be needed for verification.

For attestation of translation of document originated in Kuwait, it should first be attested from the Kuwait Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Kuwait. Based on that the Embassy will attest the translated document.

Power of Attorney for Kuwaitis and Expats


Location: Liberation Tower – Ministry of Justice.

Expats If you’re an expat and require a Power of Attorney, you need to head to the Ministries Complex, department of Ministry of Justice. You need to have your ID with you and the ID of the person the PoA is being issued for.

Usually, one employee takes care of the whole process.

Kuwait Certificate Attestation

Embassy attestation helps to prove the authenticity of the certificate when asked by the government officials.

Embassy attestation may be required for all types of certificates like…

- Educational certificates (Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, certificates);

- Non-educational certificates (Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Experience certificate, Divorce certificate, Death certificate, Medical certificates);

- Commercial certificates (Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade license, Invoices);

Processes required for applying for a Kuwait Embassy legalization are:

Notary Public - Ministry of Justice attestation - Kuwait Embassy attestation - MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation.

Commercial Certificate Attestation

Commercial certificate attestation is a license or permit which will help the certificate holder to start a business in abroad. There are different types of commercial certificate, which is varied by its functions and purposes.

Some important commercial documents are:

Power of attorney, Certificate of origin, Invoice, Certificate of incorporation.

Purposes of commercial certificate attestation.

  1. To start a new business abroad;

  2. To give the power and authority to sell a property;

  3. To open a bank account in the destination country;

  4. International trading

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

This is a legal verification process and before issuing attestation the concerned authority will check the authenticity of the document.

List of Non-educational certificates

Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Death certificate, Medical certificate, Experience/ employment certificate, Divorce certificate.

Legalization makes your certificate become “official” in order to be used in a foreign jurisdiction.

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